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What to wear to spin class

We all love hitting the trails in our bikes outside, but sometimes taking a spin class is better if you want a super intense fitness workout that will give you serious power and speed. However, if you don’t know what to wear to spin class, you will not be comfortable throughout your workout session.

A spin class is supposed to help you push yourself, get your body moving, and help you feel stronger, rejuvenated, and ready to face anything that life throws at you. All this is as a result of getting focused and breaking a sweat, but what you wear can help to boost your confidence and keep you motivated.

When choosing what to wear to spin class, consider what will make you comfortable when moving around in the class and also what will make you feel confident in your own skin. You can also add your own style to your outfit to boost your confidence, but picking the right outfit and material will help you focus on the workout and having fun.

What to wear to spin class

Apart from the clothes you need to wear, the shoes are also important because they connect you with a bike. You also need to stay hydrated during your intense spinning lesson, so a water bottle is important to keep your drinks cool for a long time. The key thing to remember when going for a spin class is that you’re going to sweat, so keep your clothes light, breathable, and easy to move in.

Spinning tops

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money before you even start your first spin class, you can wear your old gym shirt. But if you want something more comfortable when you’re working out as you continue with your healthy lifestyle, you should look for a breathable top that wicks sweat with minimal stitching to reduce skin irritation. You will be more comfortable and able to concentrate on your workout instead of worrying about smelling sweat and a sticky shirt.

wear to spin class

Sports bra

For ladies, you need a good sports bra when you’re riding outside as well as indoors. In a spin class, you’ll be jumping in and out of the saddle and pedaling very fast most of the time so you will need a good sports bra. Before buying the sports bra, test it by trying to jump up and down in it to see if it gives you minimal movement.

Spinning pants

It’s best if you avoid wearing short shorts for spinning because you can get bruises from the direct contact between the bike seat and the skin of your inner thighs. Your go-to pants can either be tight-fitting or Capri length because baggy pants can get caught on the bike seat or in the wheel. Look for tights that will provide you with good support, comfortable, and breathable, that will wick sweat well so you can stay dry no matter how heated the class gets.

Spinning padded shorts

Most of the people who go to spin class complain of how hard the bike seats are and the pain that you get in your butt during and after your spin class. If you get a sore bum or saddle sores after an indoor cycling session, you should consider wearing padded spinning shorts.

These shorts are designed with extra padding around your crotch and sit bones which helps to reduce chafing and bruising of your skin. If you decide to wear these shorts, don’t put on any underwear as it will increase the moisture inside, chafing, and discomfort.

 Padded underwear

If you already have gym shorts and don’t want to buy another pair of pants and just need a bit of extra cushioning, you may consider getting a pair of padded underwear. These are breathable undies to keep you cool and dry and they have a soft and comfortable feel so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper.

Performance socks

These socks are designed to keep your feet from sweating so that your feet remain dry throughout your spin session. These performance socks keep your feet from getting soggy with sweat and prevents your shoes from stinking from all the sweat.

Cycling shoes

spin class essentials

If it’s your first time in a spin class, you can use your gym or tennis shoes but if you decide to stay for the long hall, you will need to upgrade to indoor cycling shoes that are specifically made for spinning. These shoes have a stiff sole that can transfer power efficiently to the pedal and cleats that can clip to the spin bike.

Apart from the stiff sole, these shoes should also have enough room for your toes, a secure fit, and a cleat that won’t change your feet’s natural alignment. Spinning cleats help to align your body and keep your feet securely in place to prevent your feet from slipping when cycling. Most spin bikes have toe clips or cages that help you to clip your shoes onto the pedals, but if you use bike shoes you no longer need the toe clips which means you can go clipless.


The last thing that you should never forget or leave behind is your bottle of water or an electrolyte fluid that will keep you hydrated before, during, and after your spin class. Most spin classes last for an hour and in those 60 minutes, you need to keep yourself hydrated that’s why it’s important to take a sip of water after every few minutes.

Most sizes of water bottles won’t fit in the water bottle holder on the bike, so you can opt for the insulated water bottle that has a better chance of fitting in your spin bike’s water bottle holder. These bottles are designed to keep your water cooler than your average water bottle.


Something extra that you should also not forget is a towel. You can use it to wipe down the bar handles for a better grip and keep you comfortable during and after your spin class.


What to wear to spin class is very important if you want to reap the benefits of doing an intense workout. When you’re comfortable on the saddle, you will have fun cycling.

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