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The best mini exercise bike

Staying fit is vital for your well-being, and using an exercise bike is one of the best means of ensuring your body remains on point. The cycling movements should increase your blood flow to the legs while strengthening your hamstrings and quad muscles too.

All this is at your comfort, as you can work out from your office desk or your favorite seat at home. We have compiled a listed review of some of the best mini exercise bikes that give you an easy time to use while delivering results.

This comprehensive list covers bikes with diverse designs and specs that all-purpose to give you excellent workout experience. Each of the models has a review that will provide you with all the information you need to know before buying an exercise bike.

A table on the best mini exercise bikes

Name of Mini Bike
Weight in pounds
LCD/LED Monitor
The Bookcycle Mini Bike
13 lbs
Ancheer Magnetic Mini Bike
22.3 lbs
Exerpeutic Exercise Bike
12.5 lbs
Excy XCS Mini Bike
13.3 lbs
Techmoo Mini Exercise Therapy Bike
5.5 lbs
Zeny Exercise Bike With an Anti-Slip Rubber Base
9.7 lbs
ProGear 1000 Mini Exercise Bike
23.5 lbs

Here are the best mini exercise bikes

The Bookcycle Mini Bike – Perfect for Beginners


This mini bike has an impressive low impact setting that gives anyone new to leg workouts a quality start.

When pedaling, the user will not need to apply too much force on the leg muscles, but still receives a wholesome exercise session, thanks to some of the specs of the design.

The Specs

  • The bike has a 5-pound flywheel that enables smooth motion by preventing friction.
  • It comes with a small LCD monitor.
  • The pedals are useful to exercise the arms as well
  • The bike has a knob that allows resistance adjustments
  • It is light and of a reasonable size, weighing in at 13 lbs

The medium tension on the pedal system is excellent for you if you have just begun exercising your legs and arms. It is critical to understand that the body requires enough training before developing full resistance. So, the moderate nature of intensity allows you to familiarize your muscles with specified force, before cranking it up.

The bike knob is handy in later stages of use because it will enable you to increase the strength of resistance. You get a higher workout burn with this feature, by applying varying intensities to your exercise.

The mounted LCD screen enhances the mini bike experience by allowing you to track your progress in real-time. The data on display shows the number of calories you have burnt throughout the session, which is a vital record to keep if you aim to lose weight with the bike exercise.

On top of that, you can monitor the time spent pedaling, and your average pace throughout the workout. While the data on the monitor may not be extremely accurate, you get to track your progress after continuous use of the exercise bike. Enough gathered information will indicate whether you have made improvements over time.

With the flywheel weighing 5 lbs, the entire mini bike system runs smoothly and reduces high friction wear and tear on the pedals. An added advantage of the flywheel is that it prevents the smell of burning rubber.

Mostly, such a smell becomes noticeable when the rubber lining around the pedal, turning wheels burn out from the friction experienced during pedaling.

The Pluses

  • The LED monitor is great for tracking progress.
  • The medium tension force is excellent for newbies.
  • An available adjusting knob increases the tension force.
  • The lightweight allows you easy transportation.

The Minuses

  • It is prone to move when pedaling because it is light.
  • Its compact pedal size may not fit people with large foot sizes.

The Verdict

The Bookcycle mini bike is an excellent starting point if you are new to fitness workouts. With the simplified specs and its lightweight, you are set to kick in a good workout session from anywhere you like. You also get a quality, noise-free with the exercise bike, with its critical low-noise feature enabled by the anti-friction flywheel.

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Ancheer Pedal Mini Bike – Ideal for experienced leg workout users.

Image for ANCHEER Under Desk Bike Pedal

The Ancheer mini exercise bike is a perfect fit under your office desk, or on your home table for that switched up arm exercise. It has several fantastic features that promote a healthy, intensified workout while maintaining convenience and ease of use. Here are some of the eye-catching specs.

The Specs

  • It is versatile, allowing clockwise and anti-clockwise arms and legs pedaling.
  • The bike has an LCD screen, paired up with an app connectivity for higher accuracy tracking.
  • An adjusting knob is available to change the resistance when you need to.
  • The base has a rubber padding to prevent slipping.
  • Exercise bike gives you a very engaging fitness experience with the app connectivity that allows you to access a personalized coach.

While you may have to pay a subscription fee to track your progress, anyone who is determined to focus on the fitness journey will find it useful. Coupled with the data from the battery-powered LCD screen that tracks your pace, calories burnt, and your average time on the wheel, your fitness journey is more transparent.

Minibike users complain of the machine slipping often, especially when they engage a higher pedaling force. This repetitive movement of the bike can become irritating and reduce your overall output.

The thick rubber padding on the base of the Ancheer Pedal Exerciser prevents slipping. In return, you can apply as much force as you need to move the pedals and work your muscles.

Don’t have to worry about having the bike under your office desk to put in the extra minutes per day you need to reach your target. With its 13.9*19.3*13.6 inch dimensions, you can fit it under most office desks. This way, it is beneficial for users with desk jobs that require long hours of sitting.

Additional toning, the Ancheer Pedal Exerciser equally functions to exercise your arms in the same model you would use it for your legs. Simply place the bike on top of a table, and engage the resistance you need for the arm workout.

You may find the bike a bit heavier than other mini bikes, weighing in at 22.3 lbs. With the weight in mind, ensure that you use a frim table that will not break under the extra pressure and force from the exercise session.


  • The app connectivity enhances your workout experience.
  • The firm rubber base reduces slipping.
  • The bike versatility doubles up your workout routine to include arms.
  • The LCD monitor functions under battery power. You do not need an AC/DC power source.

The Negatives

  • The weight is a bit heavy and may hinder portability.
  • The bike may raise as you exercise and slip, despite the rubber pads.

The Verdict

The Ancheer Pedal Mini Bike shines as the perfect resistance and strength trainer. Adjusting the resistance force and keeping track of your progress online benefits your total fitness goals. While you may find it tiresome to carry the bike to different locations, the weight is bearable and adds on to your arm exercise.

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The Exerpeutic Exercise Bike

Image for Exerpeutic Motorized Leg

The bike has a unique motor feature that is recommended for patients recovering from leg injuries. The motor initiates all cycling movements, and you only have to keep moving with the revolutions to exercise your muscles.

Such a feature acts as an incredible recovery exercise, because it does not strain your muscles, but slowly eases them back to their normal functioning.

The Specs

  • The bike has an adjustable speed motor, allowing different ranges of muscle engagement.
  • It is powered electronically.
  • Its design enables you to engage in arm workouts too.
  • It has an LCD monitor to display your exercise progress.

If you are currently undergoing physiotherapy sessions to help you recover from a severe arm or leg fracture, the Exerpeutic bike will help speed up the process. Its built-in speed motor allows even patients with mild to moderate paralysis to engage in exercise and help reactivate the nerves.

By placing your foot or hand inside the pedal loop, the cycling begins and engages your body without extreme force. You also receive a mat to prevent the mini bike from sliding during the exercise session. The added perk is beneficial in ensuring a quality, continuous workout.

With the Exerpeutic bike functioning on a 120v, 6.0W power consumption, you need to find a stable power source. While the electric power is the primary way to keep the speed motor running, it may be slightly inconvenient for users who prefer to exercise outdoors or in rooms without sockets or power transmitters.

Additionally, if you plan on exercising consistently, you need to factor in how much power consumption the bike requires in a month. Working out exact figures will prevent the unpleasant shock of increased electric bills.

The mini bike has a handle attached to its body that makes its transportation more manageable. It weighs around 12.5 lbs, so the handle further simplifies its moving process.

The Strengths

  • The speed motor assists users who may struggle with cycling.
  • The additional non-slip mat lets you work out without sliding the bike.
  • Its weight and handle make it easy to move.

The Weaknesses

  • The mini bike requires a power source, and cannot operate from outdoors.

The Verdict

While the Exerpeutic Exercise Bike has a limited range of use, it serves its purpose well. It provides a good alternative for users who cannot engage their leg and arm muscles independently from traumatic injuries. The minibike is essential for a wholesome recovery.

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The Excy XCS Mini Bike – For High Impact Cardio Workouts

Image for Excy XCS 240

This mini bike stands out, with a slightly raised structure that gives it a taller appearance. It has an all-round use capacity that allows you to exercise while standing, lying down, or when seated.

The Excy mini bike also includes a dynamic resistance range that is perfect for users who require intense training.

The Specs

  • The bike has a foldable metallic structure that makes the bike portable.
  • A gauge and knob that adjusts the resistance weight between 2 to 70 pounds.
  • A pedal system that allows clockwise and anti-clockwise cycling.
  • Total weight of 13.3 pounds.

The flexibility of the Excy XCS mini bike is the highlight of its use. With its upright position, you can add on a few minutes of cardio exercise as you pedal up and down the bike. What’s more, is that you can incorporate different body workout routines using the bike.

For example, if you lie down and cycle, you could work your leg muscles as well as the core and glutes. Such a combination will steer you to your desired goals faster than other bikes can. For those who enjoy working out while seated, the foldable structure can adjust to the correct level and still function usually.

The mini bike’s lightweight lets you take it wherever you please, especially if you need to work out at the office. Weighing 13 pounds, you require little to no assistance to pick the Excy XCS mini bike and move it to a different position.

The portability comes in handy when you decide to try an outdoor fitness activity. This way, you get to enjoy the cool wind breeze and some sunshine as you shed some sweat on the minibike. It is also perfect for taking camping.

Despite its advantageous foldable structure, the movable metallic rods may suffer friction once in a while. You will need to lubricate the movable parts to maintain a smooth folding process and prevent noise from the conflict. Also, you will have to do without an LCD/LED monitor if you decide to purchase this mini bike.

For those who like keeping track of progress, we recommend using an alternative means like a fitness app that lets you key in your work out data and calculates the calories burnt.

The Pros

  • The bike’s unique structure enables different exercising positions.
  • It is easy to transport, as it is foldable and light.
  • The wide range of resistance optimizes your activeness and gives better results.
  • The mini bike’s design allows you to cycle in both directions for total muscle engagement.

The Cons

  • The Excy XCS lacks an LCD/LED monitor to track your progress.
  • You need to lubricate the foldable parts to prevent friction regularly. Some may find it messy to use the bike afterward.

The Verdict

For an extra exercise punch, the Excy XCS Mini Bike is your go-to machine. However, you need to be careful when making adjustments to make the structures longer or shorter, because an improper fit could cause an accident.

Besides that, its non-slide safety features are not entirely fool-proof. You may face some difficulties with this model if you do not have an exercise mat or a hard floor.

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The Techmoo Mini Exercise Therapy Bike – Suitable for the elderly, and patients with leg injuries.

Image for TECHMOO

With adjustable resistance force, the mini bike accommodates persons with more delicate bone structures seamlessly. Its target market is the elderly who need constant leg exercises to ward of diseases like arthritis.

The Specs

  • The mini bike has a fitted LCD screen to display the calories burnt, time spent exercising, and your pace.
  • The mini bike system sources its power from a battery.
  • The mini bike has a knob to change resistance.
  • The pedals are foldable, to promote more accessible storage and portability.
  • The resistance force is moderate for recovery exercises.

When in good use, the Thechmoo Mini Exercise bike helps to strengthen your leg muscles as you increase blood flow all around the body. What’s more, is that you get all these benefits at your comfort. You can use the bike while sitting on your desk, or a comfortable armrest chair.

You only need to ensure that the distance between the pedals and your knees is enough to prevent you from hitting your ankles on the bike. With an adjustable foot strap, the mini bike caters for people with large foot sizes as well.

You also benefit from the double structure that allows you to cycle in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. For a recovering patient, the feature aids the knees and legs to move and engage different muscles and nerves at once. Such activity can improve the patient’s state drastically if the mini bike is in constant use.

Additionally, the incredibly lightweight of 5.5 pounds enables you to carry the Techmoo Mini Exercise bike wherever you go. It also helps that the monitor relies on battery power, so your progress tracking continues wherever you go.

The two features play a hand in empowering people who have to sit for long hours at a time because of their job description.

The Ups

  • The pedal fits a wide range of foot sizes.
  • The mini bike works perfectly for the elderly, handicapped, and people with severe injuries.
  • It is easy to transport since it is light.

The Downs

  • The average resistance range is not ideal for users seeking to strengthen muscle or lose weight.

The Verdict

are all for a mini exercise bike that puts the needs of particular groups of people into consideration. On top of that, any other person can use it to jumpstart an exercise routine, by engaging minimum intensity.

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The Zeny Exercise Bike with an Anti-Slip Rubber Base

Image for ZENY Portable

The Zeny mini bike works best by making up for its lightweight. The feature becomes possible because of the padded rubber base that aims to eradicate slips as you pedal. Common slip/slide accidents arise because of the extra force your body exerts as you cycle. It is often more than the bike’s weight that then causes a slip.

The Specs

  • The bike has a non-slip base padded with rubber.
  • It has a controller that adjusts the micro-tension.
  • An LCD monitor to track your progress is available.

After an intense surgical procedure, your body requires a recovery routine. You will achieve the best results by completing constant exercise along with other dietary requirements. The Zenny Exercise Bike combines cycle activation with medium tension that allows you to take small steps to recovery.

The micro-tension works on your pace, giving you an allowance to improve gradually. The design is good as it ensures you are comfortable. Straining yourself might do more harm than good and cost you longer to recover than is necessary.

The Pros

  • It has a good micro-tension adjuster.
  • Its non-slip/slide base assures you of a feasible workout session.
  • Its average resistance force benefits recovery patients.

The Cons

  • Some may find the pedals loops a bit stiff. They may injure your foot from the friction.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a sophisticated mini bike, the Zenny may not be your top pick. However, it provides a good option for users who prefer a moderate intensity of exercise to recover from a muscle tear, surgery, or any other complication.

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ProGear 1000 Mini Exercise Bike

Image for ProGear 1000 High Performance Under Desk Exercise Bike with Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness and Free APP

When you need a mini bike, but your height does not give you many options, think of the ProGear mini motorcycle. Its flexible structure accommodates a variety of body lengths to include short and tall alike.

The Specs

  • The bike has a magnetic resistance feature that increases the tension.
  • It has flexible structures that allow you to fit into a comfortable length.
  • The Pedals have adjustable straps.

With the ProGear 1000, the manufacturers went out of their way to ensure the mini bike has an all-inclusive size-range. As such, the adjustable features available for your manipulation promote a comfortable workout experience for you. From the user-friendly manual, you can quickly learn how to make these changes and enhance your fit.

Besides this, the magnetic tension can increase resistance through a 14-level range. The mini bike comes in handy for all levels of exercisers, from beginners to experts.

The Merits

  • Adjustable dimensions that accommodate all sizes of users.
  • A wide range of magnetic resistance to improve your cycling.
  • A compact, reasonable size that makes it easy to store the minibike.

The Demerits

  • The mini bike has some hooks that may hurt your legs while cycling.

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Features You Need to Look for When Buying a Mini Bike

 To receive satisfactory results, you need to be aware of all the important features that make a mini exercise bike fit for use. Here are the vital specs that you need in your mini bike, to ensure you have the best user experience.

Adjustable Pedal Straps

The chances are that you will not be the only mini bike user in your household. Alternatively, your friends may like to borrow your mini bike for use. If the mini bike has a fixed strap allowance, it may become slightly disadvantageous to you, or your loved ones. You want to ensure that the straps can accommodate different foot sizes.

The Size and Weight

Having a hefty mini bike will make it hard for you to move it. If you have set goals that require you to continually exercise at home and work, think of a light, compact-sized mini bike.

An LCD/LED Monitor

We all need a little motivation, even as we work out. A monitor that shows your progress will motivate you to do more. Also, you get to keep a record of your improvement and use it for reference.

The Range of Resistance Available

Unless you are recovering from an injury, undergoing physiotherapy sessions or have sensitive bone structures that require extra caution, you could always challenge yourself more. Try out a mini bike with a wide resistance range, to build your leg muscle and make it burn.

The Final Decision

The last call entirely depends on your workout routine, the kind of results you expect, and your strength. As you begin a new fitness chapter, think of a mini bike that provides an engaging body work out.

The best mini exercise bike purchase will strengthen your arms, legs, and entire immunity by providing reasonable resistance force. You also deserve a bike that has inclusivity for the comfort supplied by adjustable features.

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