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Spinning standing vs. sitting- A complete outline

Whether you are spinning while standing or when sitting, you are getting a cardiovascular workout is great toning for the muscles of your lower body especially. For each, there are specific indoor bikes that are designed to accommodate them.

For example, sitting spinning bikes are designed uniquely in shape. They allow you to sit closer to the ground in a seat that is quite comfortable compared to the standing spin bikes. Not only are the seats larger but it also provides back support that allows you the rider to sit back as you exercise the legs and work on your cardio.
Due to the reclined position of the seat on the sitting spin bikes, your back is not likely at all to feel any strain at all during your work out session. In addition, the design of bikes like a recumbent one leaves your hands free during the workout. This lets you easily read a book, watch a movie or play a game on the mobile phone while exercising.

On the flip side, spinning standing is one of the most popular types of exercise since the seating arrangement is similar to an outdoor bike. The handlebars are only a bit higher so you are seated at an upright standing position. The seats also tend to be larger and more padded than outdoor riding bikes. This, together with the fact that you are not bent over like the sitting spin bike makes this type highly comfortable. If you are not up for the posture sitting on bikes like a recumbent position while working out and if you are not interested in the high intensity of spin like workouts, spinning standing is a viable option.

This article gives a complete overview of these different forms of spinning against the backdrop of the bikes that allow for it.

What are the differences between spinning standing and sitting? How do they compare?


Spinning standing vs sitting- How do they differ?

Primary use

Assessing the primary use of each of these is essential. Sitting bikes are basically used in general health and fitness programs. They tend to be good for anyone hoping to improve their cardiovascular fitness level, build muscle strength on the lower body especially. Spinning sitting also gives good results for those looking to cut their weight.
Spinning standing on the other hand, is commonly used for spinning classes. It is more traditionally used by those who actually participate in professional cycling as a sport. This is because spinning standing closely mimics the body experience while riding a regular bike in the outdoors. The handlebar position is lower so you are more hunched over when engaging. Basically, there are great benefits if you take cycling as a sport and you are looking to train indoors.

Workout intensity

The progression model does not differ so much in the two. In both spinning standing and sitting, you can increase the resistance level higher to make the workout more exhilarating and harder to complete. This resistance forces the muscle to work harder and thus helping you to build strength and fitness. The harder you have to work against resistance the higher your blood pumps helping you build strength and fitness.
Generally speaking though, the standing spin bike allows you to stand while riding and this opens doors for more exercise and progression compared to the sitting spin. This is where they differ the most because spinning standing arguably has better results regarding your fitness. It also removes the boredom of having to remain in one position during your entire workout session.

Muscles Worked

While spinning standing and sitting, you are greatly boosting your overall health by working your muscles. One of the muscles that you enhance on either of these forms is the heart. Just like any other muscle in the body, a heart requires regular training. Spinning is right about the best cardio workout you can ever get.

On the rest of the body, the muscles worked on either of these are quite similar. The difference starts coming in when you stand up on the standing spinning bike. Indulging in the regular biking will have your quads, hamstrings glutes and calves exercised as required.

When you choose to stand during spinning, you get to engage your lower body and upper body muscles. You will be working your shoulders, quads, arm and core to a higher degree. Standing also turns your workout into a more complete full body workout which is essential for anyone looking for a general daily workout routine.

Calorie Burn

This is a factor to consider when comparing the two different styles of riding a spinning bike.

Generally, in terms of fitness, spinning is a real calorie burner. You can lose between 400-800 calories per hour while on a spin bike. When you go for a spinning class and sit through it, you are greatly working your body because the spin bike takes a huge toll on your body.

If you choose to stand, there are other added benefits. For instance, the flywheel attached in a standing spinning bike is heavier compared to the flywheel in the sitting spin. Because of this, you can be assured of more calorie burn while spinning standing.

Nonetheless, they both lead to calories burned. The sitting spin bikes also burn the calories only at a slower rate compared to the standing spinning bikes. If you prefer a comfortable work out then the sitting spin bike is the best pick for you because it is not as intense.

Spinning standing Overview

Spinning standing vs. sitting

The primary distinction between spinning standing and standing is that the former lets in the users to educate in numerous positions and maximize in burning fat. Certainly, contrary to ordinary spin bikes, on a spinning standing bike, it takes quite a lot of effort to maintain the resistance and speed while standing.

Spinning standing up engages your full body while drawing each muscle into the exercise. This also provides quite a bit of range in your workout. This is the added motivation education, which may be motivating for users who generally tend to become bored without problems.

The other distinction between spin sitting and standing lies in the flywheel mechanism of the particular bikes. Spin sitting machines historically sport a whole lot heavier flywheel which demands extra attempt and burns extra energy. This is because of the heavier the flywheel, the higher the resistance. That is why even the most advanced models game flywheels weigh up to 48 kgs.


  • Can help with weight loss
  • Boosts cardio fitness. Cycling is the best way to get your heart pumping
  • Provides a low impact work out as well as a heavy one
  • Strengthens legs and lower muscles
  • Safe than road cycling.


  • Limited impact
  • Lack of utility
  • Can be monotonous

Spinning sitting Overview

Spinning standing vs. sitting

Spinning sitting refers to cycling away while being comfortably seated. A sitting spinning bike is a uniquely-fashioned exercise bike that permits you to sit. In most models, the seat is highly comfy compared to the usual exercising spin bike. Because of the reclined function of the seat on a sitting spin bike, your lower back does not experience any strain at all as you work out.

In addition, the design in bikes like a recumbent bike leaves your palms unfastened all through your exercise. This allows you to watch a movie, play a game or read a book. This is quite different from spinning standing which takes up more effort.

Nonetheless, the number of calories lost during spinning sitting is quite good. It is quite encouraging that while fewer muscles are worked while spinning sitting this technique is an excellent cardio exercise and a real calorie burner.


  • Practical for obese and elderly people
  • More comfortable compared to the standing spin bike
  • Easy to do multiple tasks while working out


  • Not suitable for people with limited floor space
  • More expensive than upright bikes
  • Can be boring for some


If you are an advanced cyclist or a beginner, indoor cycling bikes are an incredible fit. Depending on whether you are going for spinning standing or sitting, there are innumerable benefits that wait for you on the other side. With consistent and dedicated training, you can make the best out of both worlds by doing interval training.

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