Kestrel Bikes Review

Kestrel Bikes Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

Kestrel is an American-owned bike brand. They deal with premium quality bikes that are fit for use by both amateurs and pros. Kestrel bikes are a particular favorite among road racers and triathlon athletes. You therefore get your money’s worth once you invest in this brand.

First started in 1986, the company has steadily made its name in the market. Since 2007, Kestrel Company has been the head of Advanced Sports International. This is a testament to their expertise in bike construction. In fact, Kestrel was the pioneer of bike frames made entirely of carbon fiber.

Since its inception, the Kestrel Company has released many Kestrel Bike models. They range from pocket friendly bikes to high-end ones. Road bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes are some of the examples.  To help you pick the one best suited to your needs, this article has reviewed some of the best quality options.

Here are some kestrel bikes and what they feature

Kestrel Talon X Aero Carbon Road Bike

Talon X Aero Carbon Road Bike

Kestrel Talon is a fierce looking bike that has been designed to be as smooth and efficient as possible. While it is a tad more expensive than bikes made of the fibers, Aero Carbon is well worth the investment. Its reduced wind resistance alone is enough to make you consider this bike if you are into competitive racing as well.

First launched in 2007, this bike was well ahead of its time. Its all-carbon frame is still quite innovative till today. It was also quite the product is because of its adjustability features. You can use this bike in either a triathlon or road style position.

Key Features


Talon has a full carbon frame, oval concept wheels that are smooth rolling and carbon fork. It requires assembling once purchased but this is easy because of the detailed manual available.

It is also one of the pioneer aero bikes. This refers to the aerodynamic contouring of the seat tube, stays, wind tunnel, and seat post. The tubing is also designed for proper airflow. Kestrel Talon is therefore highly versatile to be used for daily commuting as well as road racing

Overall, this is a rather good looking bike with sleek features. It is also sturdy enough for heavier riders as well.


Kestrel Talon is an aggressive bike that is a perfect fit for people who like to hit the pedal fast once in a while. It comes equipped with Shimano 11-speed components and oval wheels that are smooth rolling for enhanced movement. The 800K carbon fibers are also light enough for enhanced performance at good stability.

This is the ideal bike for professional riders who are looking for bikes that are up to the task.


One of the unique features of Kestrel Talon is that it is highly versatile. Its acceleration, pedal power and looks are good enough to fit all kinds of uses. With adjustments to the seat post, you can choose between using the Talon as a triathlon bike or a standard road bike for daily commutes.

Size specifications and assembly

Its size is 55cm- (5’10 to 6’). Given this and its design, Aero Carbon is near impossible to assemble yourself. It also does not come with a detailed manual on how to go about that.

You can have the bike properly assembled at a local bike store with skilled mechanics. Alternatively, you can make the online purchase of an already assembled one. This is possible on sites like Amazon.


  • Comes with all parts needed for assembly
  • Offers a smooth and stable ride
  • Good aerodynamics abilities


  • Carbon frame can be a bit tight to begin with
  • Some parts may start creaking after continuous endurance riding

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Kestrel Legend 105


With 22 speeds, Legend Shimano 105 is one of the best Kestrel Bikes. Made from a blend of 700K and 800K high modulus carbon fibers, this is a lightweight bike yet strong and rigid enough for stable rides. It was designed in a minimalist style that is high performance nonetheless.

Key features

Material Composition

Kestrel Legend 105 is mostly made of carbon fiber which is also known as graphite fiber. Carbon fiber is rather expensive compared to other forms like glass and plastic fibers. However, the carbon fiber fitted on this bike gives it added advantages like chemical resistant properties, low weight and high stiffness.

The frame (crown area) also contains an EPS liner that enhances the stable and firm ride you receive with this model. A BB30 bottom bracket also works to deliver the same experience.


One of the prominent features of Kestrel Legend 105 57 is its high performance. This is because of a variety of elements. First, Kestrel bikes are made of carbon fiber which is a higher end material. Carbon fiber makes this bike stiff yet lightweight to ride on all kinds of terrain. Kestrel Legend 105 57 is also highly resistant to thermal and chemical damage.


It comes with almost all parts (98%) of it already assembled. With a few tweaks, you can easily ride without having to visit your local bike shop.


Sturdy construction yet lightweight as well

Assembly process is not difficult

Lower price compared to other bikes in its range



If you go for an unassembled bike, it can be quite hectic to assemble on your own

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Kestrel Talon X Dura-Ace Road Bike 2018

Dura-Ace Road Bike - 2018

Constructed with 800K high modulus carbon fiber, Dura-Ace is an ultra-light yet sturdy construction. Coupled with the Shimano Dura-Ace 11 speed, this bike is stiff and superior enough to offer amazing riding performance. If you are into competitive cycling, you especially need a bike that is reliable enough to deliver such results no matter the terrain.

Model specifications

Like all other high-end Kestrel Talon bikes, the Dura-Ace road bike is made of a chrome/carbon frame. It is also rather large sized measuring 57cm.

Regarding its wheels, it has Vittoria Rubino Pro tires that have good grip and traction. These wheels have a KSL carbon wheelset as well to complete the ensemble.


This bike is designed with 11-speed Ace STI and Shimano derailleurs. While this might not sound like much, it is. This Dura-Ace allows for lightning quick gear shifts. The STI caliper rim brakes are further designed to keep up with high speeds and sudden halts.


Incredibly light but strong

The seat post is adjustable depending on what type of ride you are going for (triathlon or ride)

Easy to assemble as all necessary tools are included

Uniquely customized for the an enhanced riding experience

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Kestrel 5000 Ultegra Triathlon Road Bike 2018

Triathlon Road Bike

Most common among triathlon athletes, Kestrel 5000 Ultegra is the best buy if you are a hardcore cyclist not shy of adventure.

Model specifications

Ultegra is a good looking bike that comes in either a gloss or carbon black color. In terms of its size, it measures 60cm and can be classified as an extra-large bike (XL).

Its frame is developed with 800K high modulus carbon fiber that makes it a sturdy construction that is still lightweight for easy use. Reinforced with EPS foam, this bike is one of the strongest with the best compaction. The front fairing also specially designed for better aerodynamics for an added edge.

It also has an internal cable system that is useful for proper airflow.


Ultegra is fitted with 11-speed TT shifters. It also has Shimano front and rear derailleurs that are designed for enhanced cycling performance. For wheels, this bike has Oval Concepts with carbon-alloy rims.

In fact, Kestrel 5000 Ultegra is the fastest bike made by this company. It is actually so quick that competitive triathlon athletes use it for racing and training. With its upright riding position


  • Comfortable and easily adjustable
  • Ideal for long distance cycling


  • Quite pricey compared to other products by the same brand
  • pro level, but without the bells and whistles of a pro level price tag, the Kestrel 5000 SL Ultegra

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Kestrel bikes are one of the best fitness products. They come with the choice of assembling it yourself or having it shipped while already assembled. Either way, purchasing any of the bikes under this brand is a good deal.

With carbon-fiber bodies, Oval Concept wheels and up to task derailleurs, you will not go wrong with buying a Kestrel bike. Its premium features make it a favorite with pro cyclists especially. Triathlon athletes are also known to use Kestrel bikes for training and racing as well. For amateurs, this bike will challenge you to go harder. Kestrel bike engineers have perfected the art of creating bikes that are refined and high-performing as well. They can be used for casual rides and off-road adventures too.

While they are a bit on the heavier side compared to similar bikes, this is a minor issue compared to the benefits you reap from having a Kestrel bike in your garage.

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