Spin Bike vs. Rower (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can you stand up on exercise bikes

With many fitness products in the market, choosing the right one can become hectic. This article is designed to make that easier by comparing these two formidable products. While they are both popular in the market, they have subtle differences that make each stand out. A spin bike for instance …

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Spinning vs. Stationary Bike Calories (Everything You Need to Know!)

Spinning vs. Stationary bike calories

It is not surprising that cycling is among the most effective and accessible ways of staying fit, as it helps you burn calories and increase your stamina and fitness. It also has other benefits, such as boosting your blood flow and increasing your heart rate and can provide a low-impact …

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Muscles That Stationary Bike Works (Everything You Need to Know!)

muscles that are built after training on a stationary bike

An exercise bike offers the best cardio workout that really gets your heart pumping. Depending on your preferred intensity a cycling routine has many benefits. For an exhilarating cardio workout that will have oxygenated blood flowing and your blood pressure maintained, go for a biking routine. If you also want …

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How To Thread Spin Bike Pedal Straps (Everything You Need to Know!)

Threading spin bike pedal straps

 Is there a correct way to thread spin bike pedal straps? Yes, there is. To know how to correctly thread spin bike pedal straps, you need to consider three things. The type of pedals, shoes, and cleat if any. When all put together well, you will have the freedom to …

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How To Fix An Exercise Bike That Won’t Change The Resistance (Everything You Need to Know!)

Best Spin Bike Under 500

Most exercise bikes are easy to assemble and adjust to your preferred settings. However, after repeated use, they tend to wear and tear. Some of the issues you can find are leaky parts, loose screws and resistance that just will not adjust. First and foremost, there are many levels of …

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How To Set Up a Spin Bike (Everything You Need to Know!)

Best recumbent exercise bike under $400

Indoor cycling on a spin bike simply knows as spinning is great for your health. Beyond getting a cardio workout and toned muscles, it is also a stress reliever and energy booster. Spinning is advisable for anyone who can hop on the bike. It is low impact enough to not …

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Spinning Standing vs. Sitting (Everything You Need to Know!)

Best Spin Bike Under 500

Whether you are spinning while standing or when sitting, you are getting a cardiovascular workout is great toning for the muscles of your lower body especially. For each, there are specific indoor bikes that are designed to accommodate them. For example, sitting spinning bikes are designed uniquely in shape. They …

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Recumbent Bike Workout For Beginners (Everything You Need to Know!)

Recumbent bike workout for beginners

A recumbent bike is a stationary bike that can be used in the comfort of your home or the gym. This bike has a seat that is fitted with a backrest. The pedals of this bike are also placed at the front. This forces you to stretch out your legs …

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Spin Bike vs Cross Trainer (Everything You Need to Know!)

cross trainer

When on a tight budget and you do not want to compromise on your comfort; you are often left with choosing between a spin bike and a cross trainer. These are two types of indoor trainers that are highly effective for a real calorie-burning workout. With different levels of intensity, …

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Does An Exercise Bike Tone Your Stomach? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Does an exercise bike tone your stomach?

In general, fat in all parts of the human body is useful as it stores energy that used on a day-to-day basis. However, having excess fat can be very dangerous as you are prone to get diseases that are associated with having excess fats. An example is clogged arteries that …

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