Is Keiser M3I Compatible With Zwift? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Is Keiser M3I compatible with Zwift?

So you own a Keiser M3I bike and have big plans for it. Part of the plans you might have is checking whether it is compatible with various hardware that you might want to install, such as the Zwift. However, does it allow you to do so? Read on to …

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How To Calibrate Keiser M3I (Everything You Need to Know!)

How to calibrate Keiser M3I

Picture this – you have just bought a Keiser M3I indoor bike, and you want to begin using it. You set everything up, and turn it on, only to find that you need to calibrate the machine in order for it to actually work for you. That process is not …

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How To Adjust A Spin Bike Seat (Everything You Need to Know!)

How to adjust a spin bike seat

You might assume you are ready for a spinning session with your bike, but it quickly becomes a torturous session when the bike has incorrect adjustments because it gets so uncomfortable to use. It seems simple enough when you first hear your instructor telling you the guidelines on making your …

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How Much Weight Can You Lose After Spinning For A Month? (Everything You Need to Know!)

How much weight can you lose after spinning for a month?

If there is one form of exercise that will not die in popularity anytime soon, it has to be spinning. There are so many studios around the country that have been in operation for years, and still attract new people every day as the spinning craze has increased its reach. …

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Does Spinning Tone Your Bum? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Does spinning tone your bum?

Fitness is exciting, and you plan out several activities in order to increase it. These include going to the gym and going on the treadmill or cycling, or you might decide to use an old bike you own and go out cycling for a few hours. While cycling is a …

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Spin Bike (Everything You Need to Know!)

Advantages and disadvantages of a spin bike

There are many people out there considering purchasing or using an exercise bike – primarily for losing those annoying pounds and increasing fitness – and you might be among them. Your search eventually leads you to the information that not all bikes are the same, and the features that separate …

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Can You Use a Wattbike Atom with Zwift (Everything You Need to Know!)

Zwift is an application that is used by Cyclists, Runners or Triathletes to exercise when the weather is not too favorable for outdoor cycling. Beginners and professionals will benefit from using Zwift because apart from the cycling exercises they also get to interact with the provided 32 CGN workouts. Even …

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Is Schwinn a Good Brand? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Is Schwinn a Good Brand

The history of Schwinn dates back to 1895 when it was known as Arnold, Schwinn, and Company, and like any other business, it experienced a myriad of challenges and was even on the verge of bankruptcy during the depression years. It, however, pulled through and employed good marketing strategies to …

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Keiser m3 Accessories (Everything You Need to Know!)

Once you have been able to save enough money to purchase your favorite indoor cycling bike the Keiser m3, the excitement of hitting the road immediately will most likely have you forget the necessary accessories that you will need for a successful workout session. What’s more, is that when you …

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Why Are Schwinn Bikes So Expensive? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Schwinn IC2,

Bicycles are built for different functions they can be used for fun, exercise and for professional racing. All in all, whichever way you want to use it, you stand to benefit health-wise. Cycling keeps you fit and burns calories even if that was not your main objective. In short, cycling …

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