Treadmill vs bike

Treadmills and exercise bikes are very popular exercise equipment that you can use in your home and the gym. They’re both effective in providing a great cardiovascular workout and different levels of resistance to help you progress in your training. However, each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll …

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Turn bike into stationary bike

If you love riding your bike outdoors as part of your regular fitness routine, but the weather outside is stopping you from taking your ride, you can easily turn bike into stationary bike. By doing so you can ride your bike any time and stay in shape in all weather. …

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What is a spin bike?


According to most fitness experts, riding a bike is one of the best forms of muscle endurance and cardiovascular exercises that you can do to lose weight or improve your health. There are three types of indoor exercise bikes that include the spin bike, upright and recumbent exercise bikes. But …

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What to wear to spin class

How to adjust a spin bike seat

We all love hitting the trails in our bikes outside, but sometimes taking a spin class is better if you want a super intense fitness workout that will give you serious power and speed. However, if you don’t know what to wear to spin class, you will not be comfortable …

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Does spinning make your legs thinner?

what is spinning

 If you are not new to spinning, then you must have heard a lot of controversial stories surrounding this physical activity. While some people claim that spinning can bulk the thighs, others reveal that it makes the legs slimmer. Due to such differing views, knowing the exact results, you should …

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How to adjust spin bike to your height

djust spin bike height

Proper bike set-up matters a whole lot. Whether you are a rookie or pro at cycling having a professional trainer check on your bike modifications won’t hurt. For brand new riders, if you hop on the bike and start pedaling only to feel discomfort in ankles, knees or back, the …

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Does cycling make your bum flat?

cycling make your bum flat

To most people, the bum is an attractive part of the body that they value. If you are not new to cycling, you probably have heard rumors regarding how this activity can affect the size of your bum. While some people assume that cycling can increase butt size, others suggest …

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Spin Bike vs. Indoor Trainer- an overview

Spin Bike vs. Indoor Trainer

Choosing between a spin bike and an indoor trainer can be hard sometimes. They both offer complete cardio workouts that are easy on your joints. With their different levels of resistance, you are also assured of toning and strengthening your entire body after consistent training. There are unique features that …

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