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Best Ipad mount for spin bike

The combination of entertainment and workout is one way of motivating even the laziest of people to the gym; it’s funny how people know they need to work out, but lack the motivation to begin. Health clubs in America have taken body training to another level, and instead of the mounted TV screens, they now invite DJ’s and have greatly invested in cardio cinemas.

Instead of sitting to watch a movie the members of the cardio cinemas workout on the stair climbers or the elliptical while watching movies on big screens. On the other hand, when you listen to music as you exercise endorphins are released that help relieve depression and stress. However, don’t get carried away to begin watching movies or read because then your mind will have a hard time focusing on two things.

Music in the gym is meant to lessen the aversive nature of exercises thus leading to a good performance. And as you train on your spin bike, an Ipad mount will be convenient to hold your device in place as it entertains you during work out. We will, therefore, sample the best Ipad mount for your spin bike that will help enhance your workout sessions.

Comparison Table

Sunny Health and Fitness Universal Mobile Phone and Tablet Clamp Mount Holder
-Dimensions 5.2 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches, the device can fit Ipad 4, 3 and the Ipad mini 3, Ipad Air and Ipad Air 2, can also be used with iPhone 8,7,6 and x
Chargercity Strap-Lock Tablet Mount
-Dimensions 7.7 x 2.1 x 5.7 in, compatible with iPad Air, mini and iPad. It does not scratch the device in use.
Tablet Mount for Spin Bike and Exercise Bicycle Handlebars, Ipad Holder
-Dimensions 9 x 5.7 x 2.5 in, the mount used on the handlebar adjusts 17mm (0.67in) to 32mm (1.25in), offers a landscape view.
Tablet Mount Holder for Spin Bike
-Dimensions 6.7 x 5.3 x 2.4 in, recommended bar size is 15mm–50mm or 0. 6–2. 0 in, can accommodate different versions of the iPad, Ball joint swivels 360 degrees.
AboveTek All-In-One Cycling Bike Ipad/Phone Mount, Portable Compact Tablet Holder
-Dimensions 3.5 x 3.1 x 5.1 in, Clamp Expands up 8.5," Holder's legs are extendable, features a 360 degrees rotation swivel clamp holder, compatible with iPad/iPhone

Sunny Health and Fitness Universal Mobile Phone and Tablet Clamp Mount Holder

The sunny health and fitness universal iPad mount holder can comfortably accommodate any version of the iPad that you posses including the different versions of the iPhone.


  • Comprises a swivel ball head
  • Features two lower legs for holding larger gadgets
  • Has open clamps for holding the device in position
  • Equipped with side buttons to help build the retractable arm

The sunny health and fitness universal iPad mount is versatile and you can also use it when you go to the gym. The device features an intuitive design that will enable easy attachment to the spin bike; the gadget is also made with retractable arms and to create room you will simply press the side buttons to enable you to pull the arms.

The fear of cracking the screen of your iPad is real, especially if you are utilizing clamp mount holders. If the device does not offer a snug fit then your gadget will simply slide out during an intense workout session. And that is why the Sunny clamp mount holder has been furnished with a retractable top clamp that will offer a snug fit, as you place your device in the open clamps.

With regards to what you are watching it is very possible that you might need to rotate your device to get a better view, and the reason why the sunny clamp has been made to pivot and rotate 360 degrees; to enable you can access your content from different angles.


  • Easy to install
  • Enables viewing from different angles
  • The retractable top clamp ensures a snug fit thus protecting your device
  • The device is versatile to accommodate most versions of Ipad and iPhone
  • The clamp is durable and has a good grip that will ensure the clamp stays fastened to the spin bike


  • If strapped on slippery material it might slide off, also if the phone is heavy
  • The ball tends to move from the socket


Operating the clamp is two ways you, therefore, have to be aware of what makes it unstable and avoid it. Otherwise, the clamp will enhance your exercise sessions and the good thing is that you can also use it in the gym, as it is compatible with some of the machines used.

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Chargercity Strap-Lock Tablet Mount  

The chargecity strap-lock is enough to motivate you to get up early in the morning and work out, as you listen or watch your favorite songs. You can also enjoy some light moments with funny comedy clips that will help brighten your mood as you begin the day.


  • Comes with a direct replacement warranty
  • Connection to the strap features a ball joint
  • Made with non-sliding padding
  • Features shock-absorbent rubber padding
  • Compatible with different versions of iPad

An iPad mount works effectively if it can be clamped to different sizes and shapes of the pole, handlebar or helm. The Chargecity iPad mount, therefore, can only accommodate handlebars of up to 2” in diameter, but if you want to use them on smaller poles or bars then you will have to remove the non-slip padding, which is on the strap mount.

When removed the diameter of the strap used to mount on the handlebar will be reduced. Tablets do come in different screen sizes, a factor that you have to put into consideration when purchasing a mount holder for your spin bike.

To this end, the chargecity strap-lock tablet mount can comfortably accommodate tablets that are 7” to 12” inch in screen size. For example the iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini galaxy tab among other versions of devices like Lenovo Yoga 8. An iPad mount with a ball joint will enhance your viewing experience, the reason being that the 360 swivel viewing can be adjusted to different angles just so you can efficiently access screen content.


  • Compatible with different devices
  • Easy to accommodate different shapes and hand bar size
  • Installation is pretty intuitive
  • The ball joint enhances view experience
  • Can be adjusted to fit smaller bar or pole


  • The ball does not hold up for too long
  • Made of plastic material thus not very durable


Charge city strap-lock iPad mount comes highly recommended due to its ability to fit even in the smaller bars, a feature that makes the mount convenient for home and gym use.

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Tablet Mount for Spin Bike and Exercise Bicycle Handlebars, Ipad Holder

Entertainment is not a bad thing as you work out because it also tends to give you the motivation to push harder, to the extent of losing track of time. So while you work out, keep off content that will require much of your attention, as you may get distracted and fail to achieve your body goals; the Tablet Mount for Spin Bike has therefore been built to enhance your morning or evening workout sessions.


  • Dealers offer money-back guarantee
  • Adjustment of the handlebar is from 17mmto 32mm
  • Not compatible with moving bicycles
  • The tablet can be mounted sideways

The problem with holding your iPad as you work out is that you are forced to multi-task, thus the main objective will not be achieved, but by utilizing the Tablet Mount for spin bikes you get to work out while feeding your memory.

The tablet mount is, therefore, fully adjustable complete with two types of settings, for the small gadgets you can adjust the holder up to 5.7” and if you have a big device then the maximum height for the holder is 10.4.”

The problem with a non-grip mount is that it can easily slide from side to side with regard to the intensity of the workout. The Tablet Mount for Spin Bike, therefore, features clamps that can be fastened on the handlebars, as the construction has incorporated anti-slip features that enable it to hold on tight to the bar.

The clamp at the back can be screwed tightly to the bar and loosened when you want to remove it from the spin bike. What’s more, is that the mount is compatible with different spin bike handlebars.


  • Features two adjustable sizes for small and big devices
  • The mount is easy to install
  • Compatible with different spin bikes
  • The non-slip feet hold the iPad in place
  • Can accommodate Tablets and E-readers


  • The strap used to fasten the mount on the bike is not durable
  • Places the iPad close to the sweat drip zone


Manufacturers rarely offer a 100% money-back guarantee unless their product is of top quality; the Tablet Mount for the spin bike will, therefore, suffice for people who are involved in intense training sessions, because the clamp parts have been made to grip on the bike, as well as on your iPad without scratching or damaging it.

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Tablet Mount Holder for Spin Bike

The Tablet Mount holder for the spin bike is one of a kind because for one it features a very simple design, and another thing is that the super-rugged feature enables it to withstand high-intensity workouts.


  • Features a ball joint that swivels 360 degrees
  • Tablets with 7,” and 18.4” are easily accommodated but with a width of 6.25 and 10.5
  • The feet of the tablet have incorporated a grip feature
  • It can be firmly clamped on bars that measure 15mm–50mm or 0. 6–2. 0 inches

To be able to use your iPad from different angles you have been provided with a ball joint at the back of the holder that swivels 360 degrees. The holder will serve you for a long period since the mounting bracket has been made with an automotive grade ABS plastic. And as you engage in intense work out sessions the grooves and rubber grip on the clamp will firmly secure the holder to the bar.

Most holders tend to hinder access to some parts of your phone like the USB or charging ports, the functional buttons and at times even the camera. The Tablet Mount Holder, however, will allow you full access to all the above ports, while also holding your iPad securely in its place.


  • Can be used on a stationary bike, Elliptical, and a Treadmill
  • Features a rubber grip and grooves inside the strap for stability
  • Installation is intuitive
  • Made with durable ABS plastic
  • Can accommodate different versions of iPad such as the Ipad mini and pro


  • The narrow rubber strap leads to instability in the top part
  • Not convenient for heavy gadgets


For those who don’t like fancy gadgets, the Tablet Mount Holder for spin bikes will suffice, as it features a simple but sturdy design. The rubber grip and grooves enhance the security of your device you therefore, don’t have to rely on the simple exercises to protect your iPad from hitting the cement floor.

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AboveTek All-In-One Cycling Bike Ipad/Phone Mount, Portable Compact Tablet Holder

Holders are not supposed to extend to the sweat zone and that is what makes the AboveTek All-In-One iPad mount convenient for usage with a spin bike, as it provides a comfortable viewing position.


  • Features a swivel clamp holder that offers 360 degrees rotation
  • Incorporated rubber padding for security
  • The clamp can only expand up to 8.5”
  • Made with three extendable legs
  • Features gaps in the holder’s arm to help keep your gadget powered

Installation of the AboveTek All-In-One is easy and will thus save your work out time with little chances of breaking as you try to install. The manufacture of the holder features rubber padded straps that provide a tight grip and can fit different shapes of 1-2 diameter rods.

Many users complain of the instability of their adjustable 360degrees swivel clamp holder, that it rarely lasts after using it a couple of times. The AboveTek has thus incorporated a locking wheel to the adjustable swivel clamp, a feature that will help ensure that the bracket has been securely fixed to enable different angle views.

Whether using the holder in the gym or the indoor spin bike you can switch the sides of the rubber pads to match your equipment and to enhance stability just pull hard to secure and enable a better grip on your spin bike.

People with larger devices tend to have challenges using the iPad mounts because their accommodation is limited in most of the holders; The AboveTek however, has been made with extendable legs that can be adjusted to accommodate large tablets. And if your phone battery runs low you have been provided with gaps to fit your charger cable and other cables that you might want to attach to your phone.


  • Can be mounted on different workout devices at home or the gym
  • Versatile, as it can be used as a stand-in the office to hold your tablet or phone
  • The security of the 360 degrees swivel clamp holder has been enhanced with a locking wheel
  • It is portable and versatile as it can be adopted as a phone stand
  • The holder is easy to install and remove


  • Not convenient for use with heavy devices
  • Cannot accommodate a 10” tablet


Not many iPad mounts will double up as a phone stand and be compatible with different working out machines and these are the features that make the AboveTek stand out. The fact that it is portable and can fit in a small purse or bag makes it even more convenient for people who go to the gym after work.

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Factors to consider before buying an Ipad mount for your spin bike

The first and most important thing to look for in a mount is its resistance features, some come with rubber grips and grooves;  a good number however only incorporate the rubber grip, so if you get the two the better as you are assured of the safety of your iPad.

An adjustable bracket will enable you to use different devices, however, always check on the inches that the holder can accommodate before purchasing. Mounts that have been made with the ABS plastic tend to last long, this information should be included in the manual or packaging of the holder, and if not available consider checking on the company’s website.

Adaptability to different surfaces without sliding off during intense work out sessions should be a feature of concern because you risk damaging your phone if the straps cannot be firmly secured on different surfaces.


The Ipad mount comes in different designs, however, the ones we have reviewed feature a simple and intuitive design that won’t eat up your working out time, as you try to install. They are affordable, sturdy and functional, you, therefore, need to choose one that suits your spin bike in terms of diameter and one that will resonate with the intensity of your exercises.

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