Best Cycling Shorts for Spin Class

Best Cycling Shorts for Spin Class (Everything You Need to Know!)

Having good cycling shorts for your spin class can dramatically improve your workout session – making it more comfortable, enjoyable, and beneficial.

Ridding bike without the correct gear can cause more harm than benefit. One of those essential gear is cycling short. Cycling with your regular short can cause friction which can result in discomfort, blisters, and pain. A good pair of cycling gives you the comfort you need to hit the extra mile or that additional hour of workout.

Cycling shorts are fitted with padding and are designed to maximize comfort and reduce chafing. The best shorts are made of a material that decreases air resistance, increases breathability, and minimize heat absorption. The most common complaint among spinner is chafing and saddle sore. It can make you dread working-out and worse, make you quit spinning. Having the right cycling short can help you get out of these spin class challenges.

We understand that getting well-padded cycling short can be a challenge considering the many choices present at a click of a button. This is why we have committed our time to research the best cycling shorts for spin class so we can save your time and frustration of finding the right one. This guide will help you find a quality short made of quality fabric, quality chamois and ergonomically designed.

It has been said before, but it’s worth repeating – you should not wear underwear with cycling shorts.

Things to Consider When Buying Cycling Short for Spin Class


A good cycling short should have quality padding. Padding is also called chamois. Nowadays, chamois are made of synthetic material; however, in the past, they were made of chamois leather.

The type of padding in the cycling short ranges from thin to thick. Some paddings are dense while others are thick with layers. You can either go for thick or multi-layer padding – the layer can either be gel or foam. Padding act as a shock absorber when you are spinning. They absorb shock and vibration so you can have a smooth ride.

Padding allows you to sit for long in the seat without chafing and pain. Well-Padded shorts cushions your buttocks, reduce abrasion and prevent saddle sore caused by prolonged pedalling. The surface of the pad should be hydrophobic to ensure they stay dry and be treated with anti-bacterial to avoid the growth of bacteria that may lead to infections. When buying a cyclist short, consider the density and thickness of the padding. A good padded short can make your spinning experience comfortable and pain-free.


Cycling shorts are made from a variety of materials. However, the most common type of materials is nylon and polyester. The best cycling shorts for spin class should be made of a material that is flexible and elastic. An elastic material gives you the freedom to have unrestricted movement.

The ideal cycling short should feature a material that is breathable, quick to dry, and one that allows the transfer of heat and moisture. Also, you should look out for a material that does not adhere to your skin when you sweat.

Most of the cycling short will have a blend of spandex with either polyester or nylon. Spandex is what makes your short elastic, so the more the percentage of spandex, the more it can stretch. When purchasing a cycling short, ensure you get one with a minimum of 15% spandex. I prefer one with at least 20% spandex.


Inseam length is essential in finding cycling shorts that best fits you. Inseam is the measurement from your ankle to your inner leg. Cycling shorts come in different inseam lengths, and it all depends on individual preference. The popular consensus is that short cycling shorts work well for spin class. However, shorts with a long inseam are better in preventing chafing of the thighs because they stay in place without riding up.

Fit and elasticity

Cycling shorts should be fit snug. What this means is they should not be too tight nor baggy. Cycling shorts are intended to be tight, so they can give support to the working muscles. They should also be elastic to stay-put and avoid riding up the leg. A well-fitting and tight cycling short ensures that the chamois is in close contact with the skin to maximum benefit.

As a rule of thumb, you should determine the fit of the short when you’re on a bike and not when standing up at a mirror.

Leg Grippers

When you are pedalling, the short tend to ride up the leg. Furthermore, continually tugging your cycling short can make you lose your concentration. It is therefore essential to look for a short that has leg gripper. Leg gripper reduces the movement of the shorts, prevent the shorts from riding up the leg and keep the chamois in place.


Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts

Sponeed cycling shorts for men have become a popular choice for male cyclists. It is made of 20% Spandex and 80% polyester. These shorts provide support for your seat bone and reduce sore pain.

These are the best shorts for those who ride for long and are looking for shorts that are elastic and breathable. These cycling shorts are made of 4D gel pad that support your seat bone and prevent sore pain. The spandex material makes it elastic and breathable so you can work out free of discomfort and excess heat. If you have been experiencing pain due to chafing during your spin class, then you should go for this short.

Some people sweat a lot when spinning. Even you are sweaty, sponeed short never stick to your skin. We like these shorts because they are quick to dry and easy to wash. If you sweat a lot, then this short is the right choice.

The short is made with all riders in mind. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can never go wrong with this. However, you need to be careful when ordering. The size comes tagged in Asian size, which is smaller to the US size and other standard sizes. Check the size and convert them to the standard format you usually use.

Compared to other expensive brands in the market, this cycling short gives you value for money. It is well designed and comes at a reasonable price.


  • The 4D gel provides great cushion for comfort
  • The short has silicon rubber around the leg opening to prevent it from pulling up and down the leg
  • Suitable for long rides
  • Elastic for unrestricted movement of your legs and body
  • They are breathable to keep you cool and dry


  • Choosing the size can be a challenge. Always check the size chart in the short description


You should consider this cycling short if you are having sore pain and want a well-padded short that cushions you against extended saddle pressure. This cycling short reduce friction so you can have an enjoyable spin class.

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Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts

men cycling shorts reviews

These cycling short features a 4D padding that is absorbent and breathable. These shorts are made of 18% spandex and 82% polyamide. The combination of spandex and polyamide give you a material that is breathable and elastic. If having a short that keeps you dry and cool is a priority, then you should buy this short. This material allows seamless moister transfer and allows smooth perspiration through the fabric.

This cycling short comes with a silicone gripper on the leg. This allows you to move freely without the short pulling up and down.

Wearing this short will make your spinning more enjoyable. This because the shock absorbent sponge in the pad provides support to your upper thighs and reduces the strain that results in due pressure of the seat against the sit bone.

This short will give you the needed support because they are fitted with inner padding. This means that even if you sit for 20 miles, you will still be comfortable. It is the right choice if you are looking to increase your workout time but could not because you experience pain and discomfort after a short time in the spin bike. This short also protects you against chafing.

If you ever decide to use this spin class short for outdoor, you will be safe as it comes with a conspicuous reflector visible even at night. This makes them a favourite of many riders who want a versatile short you can work out with both in the spin class and outdoor


  • Made of thick 4D sponge
  • Protect your thighs against strain and pressure
  • It is breathable to keep you cool and dry
  • Flexible and stretchable for free movement
  • It has a silicone gripper to keep your short from pulling up the legs


  • Expensive compared to other available cheap options


We like this cycling short because it is made of thick 4D sponge which makes it an excellent shock absorber. This feature is great as it protects you against undue pressure on the seat bone that can cause pain and injury. If you have been shopping for a short that will reduce the excess heat you encounter while working out, then sportneer is the cycling short you need.

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Louis Garneau Men’s Optimum Bike Shorts

best cycling shorts for spin class

Unlike other shorts, this cycling short is ergonomically designed to conform to your body. It is suitable for a spin class, as it protects you from chafing, pinching and gives you a smooth ride. The feature we like most about this cycling shorts is that you are not limited to use them only in a spin class, the shorts are versatile meaning they are also ideal for outdoor road and trails.

This brand pays special attention to your health and physiology. To that end, it comes with a fitted with a powerband compressive cuffs. When you pedal, colossal pressure is created on the lower leg, which hinders productive workout. The leg powerbands minimize pressure without compressing the blood vessels for free circulation.

These shorts also feature a flatlock seam which is crucial in preventing chaffing. Also, it is made with a great and quality fabric that is effective in managing moisture. It is a good option if you want to work out without worrying about sweat. Your comfort is taken care of as the short is made with high-density foam called airsport chamois. They say no pain, no gain. But who said you can’t be fit without pain? This cycling short let you achieve your fitness goals in comfort.

If you love carrying items such as credit card so you can buy groceries as you come home, then we recommend this short because it has a pocket along the thigh.


  • Good quality at a fair price
  • A good option for a beginner
  • It is stretchable and flexible
  • It is fitted with a high-density foam
  • It has a pocket


  • The pocket is not deep to fit large object, for example, a phone


These are quality cycling shorts for a beginner starting on a spin class. You will get an ergonomically design short that is flexible and elastic. The shorts have a flatlock to reduce chafing. If you are a person who feels uneasy without carrying something, the short has a pocket along the thigh. Sadly, it can’t accommodate a phone.

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Beroy Womens Bike Shorts

best women's cycling shorts reviews

These best cycling shorts for a spin class are made specifically with the women anatomy in mind. They have a 3D gel pad chamois. What we like about the 3-foam density pad is that it is breathable and comfortable. Whether you have just started in your spin or you’re an elite spinner who ride for long, these shorts are for you.

These shorts are well designed to reduce chafing and abrasion. Majority of spin class members will confess that chafing and abrasion are the two major challenges they face when spinning. These short is also a great choice if you suffer from saddle sores. I

Many women spin enthusiasts talk well of these shorts and note that the shorts have good padding. The other feature that makes Beroy shorts a better option is the breathability of the material that let the sweat dry quickly; therefore, keeping you cool.

The short is designed for speed and performance, and you cannot achieve this with an inelastic outfit. The blend of spandex and polyester gives you material with excellent elasticity and one that stays close to the skin. More so, this short has a hem silicone to keep the legs in place when spinning.

Compared to other brands in the market, this short is made of soft microfiber that gives it the capacity to fit well and be comfortable. Spin bike enthusiasts will appreciate this seamless short that does not cause chafing or ride up. If you choose to buy this short, ensure you go one that is fit snug. If unsure of your size, always consult the manufacturer size chart.


  • Anatomical shape fit for women
  • Has a thick pad for maximum comfort
  • It has a silicone hem to keep your short close to the skin
  • Made with a breathable material
  • in place and don’t ride up while biking


  • Size measurement may differ with the standard US, UK, and European. However, you can easily convert using online calculators


You should consider this short if you are a woman who wants cycling shorts that fits well. It is designed to accommodate women’s body. Not only the shape, but the short is also comfortable as it is well padded. If you are concerned it will ride up the leg while spinning; it has silicone hem to make the short stay in place.

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Santic Cycling Men’s Shorts

men cycling shorts for spin class

Without denting your pocket, you can get a quality comfortable short that is well padded with a 4D pad. Santic Cycling shorts are well-designed to fit any man who wants to have a productive spin class session.

Unlike other shorts, it has a comfortable silicone leg gripper that prevents your short from sliding up and down. This feature is vital because cycling shorts that ride up your leg can make you lose your spin class concentration. For a spin cyclist who sweats a lot, this short is appropriate because it reduces the sweat. The material of the short allows excellent heat transfer and the waistband come with a breathable mesh. The mesh side panel ensures you stay cool during a sweaty workout.

The size of these short is Asian. You might want to check the size on the chart; however, if you feel that is too much work, you should order one size up what you occasionally wear or a larger one for that matter

These short have anti-chaffing features which are great because it lets you work out for long without experiencing saddle soar. This makes it a good choice for spin class.


  • It has a 12-panel anatomical structure
  • Fitted with a 4D pad
  • It has breathable mesh on the waistband
  • Has comfortable silicone to prevent it from riding up
  • Ideal for people who sweat a lot


  • Best washed by hand which can tiresome to some. however, you can machine-wash
  • The sizes come in Asian measurement; therefore, you need to convert


Overall, these are great cycling shorts if you are looking for a short that will absorb the sweat so you can concentrate on spinning. The nylon allows good heat transfer and dries quickly.

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And the winner is

Having an improper short when working out in a spin bike may be the reason you are experiencing pain and soreness in your perineum and thighs. You can reduce this pain and soreness by getting yourself a good pair of cycling shorts.

We have reviewed the best cycling shorts for a spin class for both men and women. While cycling shorts are available everywhere, getting the right one with the best material and chamois can be hard. Before you think of replacing the seat of your spin bike, ensure you get yourself a good pair of cycling shorts. After all, the problem might be all in the pant.

A good cycling short lets you win. And now, after the review, we have a winner. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts. This cycling short has a 4D gel pad that cushions your seat bone and prevents you from getting saddle sore. It features a silicone leg gripper that prevents the shorts from riding up. This is a good option for those who sweat a lot and want something quality and comfortable.

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