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Best children’s bike helmets

 Taking part in an activity like bike riding is exhilarating and fulfilling. For children, this is a chance for them to bond with their friends and ride away. Once they get the hang of it, you can start seeing them riding without their hands on the handlebars or even hitting the pedal fast through corners.

While bike riding is so enjoyable, it can be quite dangerous as well. Many people tend to think that bike helmets are just additional gear for bikes but it is more than that as it is a safety product. It is that added safety assurance that if your child were to slip and fall, their head would be protected from the fall.

Hence, when buying a bike helmet you ought to choose the best that there is, especially for your children. The best safety harness will ensure minimal injury in case of anything. This article is tailored to help you find the best helmets for children based on quality and performance.

Comparison table of the Best children’s bike helmets

Head fits
Weight in Grams
Adjustment system
Giro Scamp
45 to 53 cm
Uvex Quatro Junior
50 to 55 cm
Bell Side Track
50 to 57 cm
Kali Chakra Child
52 to 57 cm
Nutcase Street
50 to 58 cm
Giro tremor
50 to 70 cm

Here are the Best Children’s bike Helmet

Giro Scamp

Youth Bike Helmet To find the perfect fitting helmet is almost close to impossible. Poor construction or design is often to blame. For Giro Scamp, this helmet is much lighter, comes in fun colors and is also very much slimmer.


  • Weighs 251 grams
  • Dial adjusts internal adjustment system
  • Has the option of Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS)
  • Fits well on head circumferences between 45cm to 53cm
  • Specified for the age group of 9 months to 4 years old

Giro Scamp is a quality product.  It is built with lightweight in-mold. In fact, the material used to build this helmet is not bulky at all. This makes Giro one of the least bulky helmets on the market and it sits very comfortably on a child’s head.

While purchasing this helmet you can choose one that has MIPS. It absorbs energy that comes from impact received from any direction. It is a thin plastic part inside the helmet that is put together with protective foam using some flexible anchors. These anchors are parts that stretch to enable the helmet to rotate upon a given impact.

To add, Giro Scamp has a dial adjustment system. It allows you to dial in the right fit for your child.  The giro scamp works very easily as all you need to do is twist the wheel at the back of the helmet. It has the standard buckles that pinch the skin if too close.

Like all other products, Giro Scamp has its own imperfections. For instance, the MIPS technology affects the breathability of the helmet. It can make your child sweat a lot more.  The foam core also does not prevent the helmet from twisting.


  • Offers the option of MIPS technology making it highly safe
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to have on
  • The dial adjustment option allows for an exact and easy fit


  • MIPS affects the breathability of this helmet


The Giro Scamp helmet is fit for toddlers and young children with its simple design yet high quality. It also comes in a variety of colors making it more eye catching. It is great value for money. If you are willing to splurge a little, go for the one designed with MIPS technology. If you live in high temperature areas this might not be necessary.

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Uvex Quatro Junior

Child & Youth Bike Helmet

Uvex Quatro Junior helmet was specifically built and designed for the children who are in the age group between the toddlers and the youth age groups. For the toddler, helmets are shallow and small in size while the youth helmets are way deeper and quite bulky. This brings about the need for such a helmet. This helmet is therefore unique and is quite the sweet spot as it is much needed in the market. It is the best fit for children who are too young for the normal sized helmet for youths and are also too old for the toddler helmets


  • Fits on a head circumference of 50 cm to 55 cm
  • The internal adjustment system is dial
  • For a young age group (around 5 years and up)
  • Weighs 265g

Quatro’s size allows it to fit those with head circumferences running from 50 cm to 55cm. This is both a stellar feature and a drawback. It has a disadvantage to it in that children are growing and will eventually outgrow this helmet-possibly faster than other helmets. It is still a worthy purchase if your child fits in this bracket. The helmet has a narrower size that allows it to sit neatly and comfortably on the head.

Quatro is particularly deep that it reaches close to the eyes. It still offers coverage on the back of your head. Its ratcheting buckle that is also very different from the standard buckle and always you to go pinch free. The buckle allows you to slowly snap it together as if ratchets into place. Keeping the chin strap in its places there is the locking slider that’s below the ear.

To add, Quatro has proper air ventilation because of the 13 vents fitted. It also offers an LED light that adds visibility.  As a plus, the manufacturers offer kids sunglasses that protect their eyes from dust or excessive sunlight.


  • Special, pinch free strap buckle
  • Fitted with an internal adjust system with the option of dial adjust
  • It has a perfect fit for young kids. Particularly those older than toddlers but younger than the youth
  • Has a strong set up that makes the helmet durable


  • The built is might be a bit too narrow for those with wider heads


Uvex Quatro junior helmet is a unique and quality product. It has a great strong build making it durable. It also has great features that are set apart from other similar products. If you are looking for added flare Uvex is the product for you.

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Bell Side Track Youth

Child & Youth Bike Helmet

Bell Side Track Youth is a premium looking helmet for your child. It is also reasonably priced and sold with full features. It gives off a very cool look and is available in both youth and children’s sizes.


  • Weighs 276g
  • Proper airflow, fitted with 15 vents
  • For the age group 5 and above
  • Has an in-mold construction
  • Fits the head circumference between 47cm to 57cm

It has extended coverage that ensures more of the back is covered as it has the design of a mountain bike.  The bell side has a dial adjust system that simply works by making the inner surface narrow. It also tightens the sides ensuring maximum protection. Most high end helmets come together with many sets of pads but this particular helmet only has one set. This is not necessarily a bad thing and also it reduces the total cost.

There are the sliders that are located right below the ear that are used to secure and adjust the side straps also the chin straps. It keeps the helmet in place on the head avoiding the case where it falls off. The buckle is not as unique as you would like and has chances of pinching the skin but this is just a small annoyance with this given helmet.

The outer shell is fused with an inner foam core making the helmet a solid piece. The availability of the MIPS technology ensures to protect you from any direct compact but does not stop anything from twisting. It is fitted with 15 vents ensuring great air circulation.


  • Has a dial adjust system ensuring a perfect fit
  • The option of MIPS for extra protection available
  • Fitted with 15 vents that ensure good ventilation
  • Has a cool look as it looks like a mountain bike helmet
  • Extended coverage hence more protection for the back of your head
  • Sliders are well-position to keep the straps in place


  • The buckle is standard thus can be hard to get around.


This Bell Side Track helmet has a cool and great design to it having all features at a very pocket friendly price. Apart from the buckle that not many are a fan of all the other features are top notch.

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Kali Chakra Helmet

Kid's Chakra Bike Helmet

This kali chakra helmet comes in two different sizes.  Child size that is from 48cm to  54 cm head circumference and youth size that ranges from 52 cm to 57 cm head circumference.  When purchasing this, you should choose accordingly.


  • Total weight is 208grams
  • Fits a head circumference of between 48cm to 57cm
  • For the child age group between 18 months to 4 years.
  • Fitted with the adjustment dial system
  • Total of 21 vents

The air ventilation in this kali chakra child helmet is great as it is fitted with 21 large enough vents.  Its weight has to be one of the lightest in the market at 208 grams. This makes the helmet very comfortable and causes no stress on the neck. This is great as it would be perfect for children who do not like being uncomfortable

The dial adjust system is fitted just on the nape of the neck hence making it very easy for a child to be able to adjust it very easily. The helmet also has a built in visor that is fine and is hard to break. The straps are easy to adjust as you can easily pull the straps off the triangle on the back adjusting to preferred sizes.


  • It is fitted with a total of 21 vents that ensure great airflow through the helmet
  • The helmet is super lightweight
  • It has a guarantee in case of a crash
  • Narrower and more compact than most helmets
  • It has a flatter back
  • The availability of the dial adjust system
  • The shape ensures that it sits right on the head stopping it from slipping back.


  • If the straps of this helmet are not fitted perfectly it causes it to wobble from side to side


This helmet has a contoured shape ensuring it to not slip back as it cradles on the head. For its price, it offers a very comfortable and compact experience.  It is lightweight and easy to use and as if that is not enough it is also available in multiple colors.

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Nutcase Street

Baby Nutty Street Bike Helmet

The Nutcase Street helmets are built up to protect your child’s head in as much as they look great. With the magnetic buckle that is pinch free ensuring safety, fun hand painted designs to the dial adjust system, this is for sure a go to helmet for really young riders.


  • Hardshell construction
  • Suitable for the children in the age group of 5 and above
  • Dial adjusts system
  • 11 vents for proper ventilation

First, the Nutcase Street helmet is dual certified. This means that it is designed to be a great fit for both bikers and skaters. Going for this helmet can therefore be a way of saving money just in case your child is into both types of activities. Two certifications are required as the fall on each is very different from the other.

The helmet is fitted with two sections of adjustability to ensure a good fit. Together with the dial adjust system; it comes with 3 sets of interchangeable pads that have a different thickness to have a precise fit for all head shapes.

Another noteworthy feature is the removable visor that blocks out excess sunlight as well as other weather elements that might interfere with your child’s cycling experience. Also, the chin pad that is fitted on this helmet adds on to the safety precautions it has. The pad also holds the buckle down.

This helmet still has a few disadvantages though. For example, it has fewer vents as more than that demands more coverage making it bulkier and nobody wants a heavy helmet. Nutcase Street can also be sweaty.


  • Option to come in many different cool and fun styles
  • Dual certified hence it can be used by bikers and also skaters
  • Retractable visor unlike most helmets
  • Fitted with a magnetic buckle making it pinch free
  • Perfect fit with its 3 sets of interchangeable pads
  • Dial adjust system is easy to use


  • Considerably heavier weight
  • Few numbers of vents than others causing restricted airflow


Due to the fewer number of vents on this helmet and its overall weight it is not very ideal for use over extended rides. However, it is dual certified making it a great choice. It is a safe yet also versatile helmet making it a great and top choice for adventurous children.

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Giro Tremor

Recumbent bike helmet

This helmet is designed to look like a mountain bike that offers great coverage on the back and sides of your head. It fits the youth age group.


  • Fits age group of 5 and above
  • Dial adjusts system
  • 18 vents
  • Head circumference 50 to 70cm
  • MIPS technology

Giro Tremor is fitted with a dial adjust system where you can easily adjust your helmet to fix the child’s head. It also comes with multiple sets of pads with different thicknesses to make sure of a better and perfect fit. This also helps you save some money. It is fitted with a standard buckle that is not exactly pinch-free but is easy to use.

This helmet has the MIPS technology which is highly recommendable as it protects your child’s head from impact regardless of the direction. This is one of the lightest helmets at 247g. It also has an in malls construction which keeps it at a high quality.


  • Fitted plenty of vents for air circulation
  • Light in weight
  • Adjusting for the perfect fit is easy.
  • Dial adjust system that has a large rubber dial that eases use
  • High quality internal pads for protection


  • Standard buckle that can pinch your skin


This helmet has one of the easiest systems to use on adjusting the straps but is also high quality. Its construction is durable but also lightweight and has great ventilation. It comes with very funky and fun designs full of color.

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Final thoughts

As much as biking is exciting and there is not much you can do to stop an accident, a proper helmet will reduce the level of injury as it absorbs energy from an impact. This is useful in protecting a child’s head from a direct impact during a crash. Go ahead and get your child a helmet as it is quite necessary.

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