Hi, my name is Marjorie, a health and fitness expert. Sports and fitness have always been my area of expertise since I could remember. For me, one of the greatest things I accomplished is opening my own gym as well as starting this blog on spin bike and fitness. Spin bikes have brought a massive break for me and my clients, they have enabled me to look past some of my client’s many challenges during work out and achieve the best results they can. I would say that I am proud to help people understand the benefits that come with spin bikes when it comes to fitness and health and how to find the best one for the cause.

Best Cycling Shoes Under 100 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Tiebao Knit Sneaker

From spin class to treadmill training, people are becoming more aware of the need for proper cycling shoes. In fact, many people have often gotten away with using regular shoes for cycling. While there are countless regular shoes that can pass off for cycling shoes and do a good job …

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Best men’s spin shoes

men’s spin shoes

If you go for the spinning class or do spin workouts, you know how rewarding and challenging it can be. To protect your feet from any unwanted injuries, you ought to find the best spin shoes for you. Some features of quality products include shoes that will give you a …

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Best children’s bike helmets (Everything You Need to Know!)

children's bike helmets

 Taking part in an activity like bike riding is exhilarating and fulfilling. For children, this is a chance for them to bond with their friends and ride away. Once they get the hang of it, you can start seeing them riding without their hands on the handlebars or even hitting …

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Buying Guide for Best Road Bike Helmet under 100 Dollars

Best Road Bike Helmet under 100 dollars

 When going for a road bike helmet, there are a few factors that help you narrow down to your best buy. Style and price are two things that are often compromised. However, this article takes the stance that your appearance and comfort should not be neglected because of a price …

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Best regular Shoes For Cycling (Everything You Need to Know!)

best regular shoes for cycling

 There are many specially designed shoes for cycling. For instance, the market is flooded with indoor cycling shoes for spinning workouts especially. If you are one for more versatility though, there are regular shoes for cycling. It can be quite the chore to find the best non-cycling shoes especially for …

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Best Cycling Socks For Winter (Everything You Need to Know!)


 During the colder seasons, finding the right socks for you can be quite a task because there are so many that look plush and attractive. Cycling socks for winter should be warm and comfortable to have on for long periods. Good looking socks are also a bonus. You wouldn’t want …

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How to adjust spin bike to your height (Everything You Need to Know!)

djust spin bike height

Proper bike set-up matters a whole lot. Whether you are a rookie or pro at cycling having a professional trainer check on your bike modifications won’t hurt. For brand new riders, if you hop on the bike and start pedaling only to feel discomfort in ankles, knees or back, the …

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How To Adjust Spinning Bike Resistance (Everything You Need to Know!)

spin bike resistance

Spinning bike resistance refers to your workout’s level of intensity. The higher the resistance, the more effort your body exerts during the workout. You end up burning calories and toning your muscles because of how hard you push your body. When on low resistance, you can also get many health …

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Spin Bike vs Watt Bike (Everything You Need to Know!)

Are spin bikes good cardio?

Indoor cycling is an exhilarating workout plan because it is just like riding in the outdoors. A spin bike and watt bike are hugely similar as they offer you an experience like cycling outside on the road as well as on hilly terrain. With both you get a pumped cardiovascular …

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How To Pedal Faster In Spin Class (Everything You Need to Know!)

pedal faster in a Spin Class

While spinning/indoor cycling has been around for quite a bit, you might still find yourself missing out on certain aspects to give you optimal results. For instance, you might want to pedal faster on various resistance levels but you simply cannot. Fast pedaling at a well-set resistance has many benefits …

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