Hi, my name is Marjorie, a health and fitness expert. Sports and fitness have always been my area of expertise since I could remember. For me, one of the greatest things I accomplished is opening my own gym as well as starting this blog on spin bike and fitness. Spin bikes have brought a massive break for me and my clients, they have enabled me to look past some of my client’s many challenges during work out and achieve the best results they can. I would say that I am proud to help people understand the benefits that come with spin bikes when it comes to fitness and health and how to find the best one for the cause.

Spin Bike vs Magnetic Bike (Everything You Need to Know!)

Indoor Cycling

Lately, indoor fitness equipment like spin bikes and magnetic bikes are gaining popularity. This is because they offer a complete, exhilarating workout at the comfort of your gym or home. Depending on the flexibility of your schedule, an hour on this equipment gives you an exhilarating workout. With recent modifications, …

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Spin Bike vs. Indoor Trainer (Everything You Need to Know!)

Spin Bike vs. Indoor Trainer

Choosing between a spin bike and an indoor trainer can be hard sometimes. They both offer complete cardio workouts that are easy on your joints. With their different levels of resistance, you are also assured of toning and strengthening your entire body after consistent training. There are unique features that …

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Does An Exercise Bike Tone Your Stomach? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Does an exercise bike tone your stomach?

In general, fat in all parts of the human body is useful as it stores energy that used on a day-to-day basis. However, having excess fat can be very dangerous as you are prone to get diseases that are associated with having excess fats. An example is clogged arteries that …

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Spin Bike vs Cross Trainer (Everything You Need to Know!)

cross trainer

When on a tight budget and you do not want to compromise on your comfort; you are often left with choosing between a spin bike and a cross trainer. These are two types of indoor trainers that are highly effective for a real calorie-burning workout. With different levels of intensity, …

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Best Recumbent Bike For Tall Person (Everything You Need to Know!)

recumbent bike for tall person

It is important to stay fit at all times and in all circumstances, and a recumbent bike offers these benefits much more compared to other exercise bikes. However, choosing them while being tall is a harder choice than in most cases, as what will work for a person of average …

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Best Recumbent Bike For Short Legs (Everything You Need to Know!)

recumbent bike for short legs

Among the many advantages of working out in the present day is that you do not need to sign up for an insanely expensive gym membership – you can easily get your fitness needs in the comfort of your home. There are many exercise machines that target different areas in …

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Best Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike (Everything You Need to Know!)

Best recumbent exercise bike under $400

Cycling is among the best activities to get your heart pumping without risking injuries to your joints. While indoor exercise bikes take up smaller space compared to other gym equipment, they can still occupy quite a lot in their fixed base – which is why folding bikes can be quite …

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Best Recumbent Bike For Back Problems (Everything You Need to Know!)

recumbent bike for seniors

If you happen to struggle with back issues, you know how difficult it is to find the best workouts that minimize the pain you go through every day, as well as the most comfortable equipment. It might seem like an impossible task to lift weights every session, while the conventional …

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Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors (Everything You Need to Know!)

recumbent bike for seniors

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and body, it is impossible to devalue exercise and remove it from the equation. Even as people grow older, it is even more important to live a life of fitness and commit to staying active every day, for the sake of your health. …

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