Hi, my name is Marjorie, a health and fitness expert. Sports and fitness have always been my area of expertise since I could remember. For me, one of the greatest things I accomplished is opening my own gym as well as starting this blog on spin bike and fitness. Spin bikes have brought a massive break for me and my clients, they have enabled me to look past some of my client’s many challenges during work out and achieve the best results they can. I would say that I am proud to help people understand the benefits that come with spin bikes when it comes to fitness and health and how to find the best one for the cause.

Best Spin Bike Seat (Everything You Need to Know!)

Best Spin Bike Seat

The bike seat is arguably the essential part of a bike. If you take spinning seriously either as a beginner or a pro, you need a good seat that lets you work-out comfortably for long. I think you will be fascinated to know they’re seats you can buy to replace …

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Peloton Bike vs Wattbike Atom (Everything You Need to Know!)

indoor spin bike

The best thing about an indoor cycling bike is that you get to go anywhere and run through different terrains without leaving the house. You also interact with a gym class and instructors from the comfort of your home. And what benefits do you stand to gain from doing all …

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What Is a Spin Bike? (Everything You Need to Know!)

What is a spin bike

According to most fitness experts, riding a bike is one of the best forms of muscle endurance and cardiovascular exercises that you can do to lose weight or improve your health. There are three types of indoor exercise bikes that include the spin bike, upright and recumbent exercise bikes. But …

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The Best Spd Pedals For Peloton

featured image for The Best Spd Pedals For Peloton

The design of SPD pedals requires specific kinds of shoes compatible with the allowance left to secure the shoe cleat into the clip. A failure to find brakes that refit your Peloton bike may be detrimental to your indoor bike use. Severe injuries occur every day, as bikers lose balance …

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The Best Magnetic Spin Bikes (Everything You Need to Know!)

featured image for The Best Magnetic Spin Bikes

The rise in fitness equipment manufacture has led to many groundbreaking inventions that compliment a basic spin bike. However, you need a keen eye to identify a legitimate product that will serve you for a long time with minimum repairs necessary. Often, advertisements and retail stores give the impression that …

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Can I cycle with lower back pain? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Can I cycle with lower back pain

Many people enjoy cycling, as it is a form of low impact exercise – which means that it does not place undue pressure on your joints, even as it still keeps you fit. However, that might raise questions about whether it is safe for you if you happen to have …

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Should I buy a recumbent exercise bike? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Should I buy a recumbent exercise bike?

Have you ever asked yourself “Should I buy a recumbent exercise bike?” If you want to work out but do not have a lot of time to go to the gym, one of the options at your disposal is buying a recumbent exercise bike. Most people are, however, torn between …

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Are spin bikes good cardio? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Are spin bikes good cardio?

Have you ever wondered if spin bikes are good for cardio? Exercise bikes have been part of the fitness world for a long time, and they do not show signs of disappearing any time soon. There are several types of these bikes, from the stationary to the spin and elliptical …

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How many times a week should I spin? (Everything You Need to Know!)

attend spinning sessions

 Are you new to spinning? You must have a lot of questions in your mind. Most beginners tend to wonder the right frequency of spinning per week. Experts recommend that you spin for at least three times a week. For a complete newbie, you can start with two spinning sessions …

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Which spin bike should I buy? (Everything You Need to Know!)

Which spin bike should I buy

If you are searching for a way to improve your health and fitness, but have no time to go out running every morning, then a spin bike is among the best choices you have. There are numerous sport options you can select, but it is great to have something to …

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